The uni S-MPB 25.4mm pitch belt is a strong and easy to clean belt, used in various food applications. The reinforcement bar on the underside ensures high impact resistance.

The uni S-MPB belt is available in the unique uni Single Link® belt with a (no bricklay) uni Single Link® product support for optimal cleaning.

Nonstick version ensures product release from the belt.

The uni S-MPB belt is the preferred belt in the following industries/applications:

• Meat applications (beef & pork) including fat/trim lines, cutting lines, general conveyance, tray conveying and packaging lines

• Fruit & vegetable applications including elevators, inspection tables and packaging lines

• Seafood applications including inspection tables, grading lines and trim lines

• Bakery applications including raw dough handling, cooling lines and packing lines


Product features and operational benefits:

• Easy to clean uni Single Link® belt reducing downtime for cleaning with up to 70%

• uni Single Link® belt (no bricklay) reducing bacteria growth

• uni Single Link® eliminating knives sticking in belt seams

• Unique lock pin system providing faster and simpler maintenance

• Unique sprocket engagement enabling high product load and longer conveyors

• Strong and thick uni Single Link® product supports eliminating gaps for product traps

• Close transfer applications


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