The uni RTB 50.8mm belt is the most flexible and reliable handling solution for your products to be conveyed.

Numerous options for roller positioning and diameters make uni RTB the smartest straight running modular belt.

The Pinless Snap Link® design enables easy assembling and provides product reliability. No pins are

used to join the links of these belts, removing issues with pin retention and removal.

Fully modular system of components, with snap in rollers and Pinless Link modules uni RTB belts can be configured and assembled to suit each application.

Totally flexible modular system, components can be easily disassembled and reconfigured into different combinations.


Product features and operational benefits:

• Low friction rollers in belt surface enable accumulation of products with minimum line pressure, resulting in gentle handling of products.

• Especially suitable for accumulation of products with higher friction surfaces.

• Free running rollers remove risk of scratching or marking product surface during accumulation.

• Rollers can be arranged to allow sideways transfer of products onto and off these belts with only low forces applied to products conveyed.

• Flexible roller positioning, rollers in six different positions, 0°, 30°, 60°,90°, 120° and 150°.

• Roller height 3mm or 6mm above belt top surface.


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