The uni MPB belt is an easy to clean, 50.8mm pitch, straight running plastic modular belt.

The belt is used in various food applications and offers various styles from closed and open surfaces to roller or rubber top.

The uni MPB belt is the preferred belt in the following industries/applications:

• Meat applications (beef & pork) including deboning lines, fat/trim lines, cutting lines, offal lines, evisceration lines, Packaging lines and elevator/ incline conveyors

• Poultry applications including cage dumper lines, deboning lines, fat/trim lines, offal lines, grading lines, packaging lines and elevator/incline conveyors

• Fruit & vegetable applications including elevators, steam peeler lines, inspection tables, blanchers and packaging lines

• Seafood applications including bulk feeder, elevators, inspection tables, grading lines, glazing lines, cooling and freezing lines

• Snack food applications including fryer discharge and incline applications


Product features and operational benefits:

• Easy to clean Single Link® belt (no brick lay) reducing downtime for cleaning with up to 70%

• Single Link® belt reducing bacteria growth and eliminating knives sticking in belt seams

• Unique lockpin locking system

• Unique sprocket engagement

• Strong and thick product supports allowing load without breakage

• Stick and non stick surfaces allowing optimized product throughput


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