The uni QNB 12.7mm pitch is developed with focus on optimizing strength, rigidity and wear life.

The belt is unique thanks to its strength and reliability.

The chamfered edges provide easy side transfer and eliminate catch points.

The uni QNB belt has increased performance in the following industries/applications:

• Bakery applications including pan handling and incline/decline box or pan applications

• Meat or poultry applications including packaging lines and incline box conveyors

• Beverage applications including depalletizers, accumulation tables and incline case conveyors

• Can manufacturing applications including palletizers, mass handling and accumulation tables

• Corrugated card board applications including down stacker, corrugator take off, transfer car

• Material handling applications including incline applications, palletizers and packaging lines


Product features and operational benefits:

• Strong, bi-directional belt for long conveyors

• Rough Top non-slip surface for increased worker safety

• Unique locking system for easy maintenance

• Unique sprocket engagement reducing pulsation and increasing load capacity

• Unique Rubber Top eliminating wear and increasing friction properties on incline/decline


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