This next generation of 1 inch pitch radius belts  are available with or without hold down tabs in combination with a flat or curved surface.

This new generation belt is easier to clean, and especially with POM-D material, it has good release characteristics.

The increased lateral stability allows fewer support strips than normal, where the beveled edges facilitates side way loading.

Furthermore, the curved surface of the uni Flex ASB CS belt offers a reduced contact area of 10% and a smooth transfer and in combination with a 9 tooth sprocket it forms a circle allowing the use of scrapers against the belt.

The uni Flex ASB is a proven belt in spiral applications.

Watch the pin removal process here

The uni Flex ASB Series improves performance in the following industries and applications:

• Bakery industry including dough transport, cooling lines, internal transport, metal detectors and packaging lines

• Seafood applications including tray packing lines

• Meat & poultry applications including packaging lines

• Spiral applications as proofing and freezing of croissants, cooling and resting

Product features:

• Improved strength – 60% higher than similar belts, so longer conveyors are possible

• Standard POM-D material containing a self-lubricating component, improving non-stick characteristics and reducing friction

• Easy to clean due to improved hygienic design of the hinges

• Efficient product transfer and less product contact area (efficient cooling) with the curved surface type

• Fewer support strips required due to increased lateral stability


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