Below is an overview of our PCW Belting Line


Polyester Belting

  • Strong and durable belt that is resistant to acid and chemical substances
  • Works well in cold and hot applications
  • Available in white and blue
  • Stock item is 55D*

 Urethane Belting

  • Excellent memory and recovery
  • Flexible
  • Available in white, blue and clear
  • Uses smaller pulleys
  • Stock item is 92A*
  • High frequency weldability
  • Clear urethane works well with lighting inspection conveyors

* Different durometers available – please enquire

PCW Belting is available with different finishes to accommodate different applications


  • Good release characteristics


  • Works well with dirty, wet and oily applications
  • Excellent grip on the drive pulley that improves tracking and reduces slipping
  • Reduces wet adhesion on slider beds
  • Self-cleaning


  • Easy to clean
  • Good pulley grip
  • Low drag on slider bed


  • Easy to clean

Temperature Range

Depending on the application and pulley size, various material combinations and hardnesses are available to accommodate -50C – + 110C*. For applications and sever temperatures below 0C or above 60C, please contact Cog-Veyor Systems Inc. for further assistance.

Please Note: Belt material, thickness, conveyor design, v-guides, cleats and sidewalls will affect operating temperature range of belt and pulley diameter required.

Cutting and Abrasion

Urethane is a softer material that is more resilient and performs better in repetitive pounding applications

Polyester is a harder grade material that is stronger and can normally withstand cutting applications

Approvals for PCW Belting**

  • FDA
  • USDA
  • 3-A
  • Canadian department of Agriculture

* Not all material are recommended for these temperature ranges
* Approvals do not apply to all belting material






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