Mechanical conveyor

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Mechanical conveyors


HiWay distribution conveyors are designed to convey and distribute a wide variety of powders and granulate products to multiple outlets of the circuit. They consist of special housings linked by tubes, through which a chain or metallic or synthetic cable fitted with plastic discs runs. The system is started by a drive unit and the chain/cable is tensioned automatically.






The discs carry the material by mechanical action thanks to the linear speed imparted by the cable. The material is discharged by gravity action through manual, pneumatic etc. outlet valves, which are mounted on the tube. The low power requirements, the totally enclosed, dust-free handling environment, the wide variety of handled products with different specific weights and the extreme adaptability of the system to already existing plants make HiWay mechanical conveyors highly efficient, reliable, ecological and versatile.



Hiway mechanical conveying systems are manufactured from high quality materials. Drive units, loading hoppers, discharge ends and tubes are made of mild steel or 304 or 316 stainless steel. Corners are in cast aluminium, cables are produced in galvanized mild steel, stainless steel or textile fibre and chain are produced in hardened carbon steel or stainless steel. The discs moulded on the chain can be manufactured from several materials according to the specifications; for example polyurethane, nylon, hytrel, etc. The low electric power requirements (see table), the minimal maintenance, the simple assembly, the fine design, the modular construction and the high performance make Hiway mechanical conveyor a versatile system suitable to any needs.


Hiway mechanical conveyors – specifications

UNI 48 1,5 KW 1,5 m³/h
UNI 60 1,5/2,2 KW 2,6 m³/h
UNI 76 3 KW 5,5 m³/h
UNI 114 4 KW 10 m³/h
UNI 168 5,5 KW 35 m³/h
UNI 273 7,5 KW 60 m³/h





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