Complete Roller Options

Complete conveyor rollers are made to suit specific applications and preferences.

The following are standard diameters and materials, rollers can be made to any length although recommended load ratings should be adhered to.
For recommended load ratings see pages 35 to 57 of the technical catalogue.

Available diameters:  Material: Wall Thickness:
ø20 Aluminium 1.6mm
Plastic 1.5mm
SS 1.5mm
ø25.4 1″ Galv 1.5mm
SS 1.5mm
Dynopipe 1.5mm
ø38 Galv 1.5mm
ø42 PVC 2.5mm
ø48.3 Dynopipe 2.8mm
PVC 2.8mm
ø50 Galv 1.5mm
SS 1.5mm
Dynopipe 2.8mm
ø50.8 Galv 1.5mm1.85mm
SS 1.5mm2.0mm
Aluminium 1.85mm2.0mm
ø60 PVC 2.8mm
ø60.3 Galv 2.3mm3.6mm
SS 2.3mm
ø75 PVC 3.0mm
ø76 Galv 3.2mm
ø89 PVC 3.5mm
Galv 3.2mm
SS 3.2mm
Aluminium 3.2mm





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