EP160-2PLY Multi V MOR CC

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EP160 Two ply polyester/nylon, Nitrile MOR black rubber 3.0mm top x 1.5mm bottom covers.

1530mm Stock width complete with continuos 6mm High V profile cleats x 150mm wide

Minimum Pulley Diameter 330mm (At ambiant temperature)

Operating Temperature -30 to 120 Degrees C.

Belt Charachteristics:

  • Suitable for incline applications
  • Trough conveyors
  • Nitrile MOR Timber oil resistant covers.
  • Excellent operating temperature range.

Typical Applications:

  • Timber, wood chip
  • Quarrying
  • Incline conveying of granular product
  • Top soil / compost, Sand, pumice, stone and aggregate conveying.
  • Waste recycling plants
  • General heavy duty industrial conveying

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