Cog-veyor provides no hinges or crevasses for bacteria to build!                                                      

By being a homogeneous belt it lowers the surface area that needs to be cleaned by as much as 40%. This greatly reduces your cleaning and sanitisation bills by reducing labour & chemical usage.

Simply, Cog-veyor belts do not slip!

The Cog-veyor system eliminates mis-tracking problems.


At Cog-Veyor, they’ve developed a system that can manage the most demanding circumstances while minimizing the amount of downtime required for cleaning and maintenance.

Industries that use our system include:

• Meat, Poultry, and Fish

• Bakery and Food processing plants

• Dairy

• Fruit and Vegetable

• Bottling and Canning plants

• Packaging, Wood, Paper, and Plastic plants

• Glass, Brick and Tile plants

• Steel mills, Processing, Slitting, and Stamping plants

• Recycling plants


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